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Universe Tarot Card Set

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The Universe Tarot Card Set

Tarot cards are powerful tools of divination. If you are looking for love, money or better health these cards can help you to remove the mystery and confusion associated with making decisions on Earth. 

Looking to the universe for answers has been a major part of spiritual growth for hundreds of years. If you are ever feeling lost, confused, or stuck in life seeking answers from the higher realms will bring clarity and confidence into your life so you can move forward confidently to the life you desire. 

To consult with the universe simply ask your question mentally or out loud. Shuffle the cards until you feel compelled to stop and draw a card right from the top. 

Meditate on the card, look and the pictures with great detail and meditate on the card for a while. You may get an insight, a direct answer from your higher self or experience synchronicities later. 

You will know when you receive the answer as you will feel it in your heart to be true. You can also research the meaning from several great sites online. 

Seeking answers from the Universe tarot Card deck you will experience a greater sense of peace and will help you to overcome any obstacles or challenges you face with the help of the higher spiritual realms. 

The most important aspect of getting results from the tarot cards is that you trust the information and answers you receive are coming from a higher divine source of intelligence. 

The answers may come from your spiritual assistants, your higher self ancestors, or other spiritual guides. The more you use your cards, the stronger the connection will become, and the better answers you will receive. 

Working with your new universe tarot card set will help to improve your intuition. It also will help you to better trust your intuition which will make decision-making a lot easier. 

You'll never be stuck deciding which lover to choose, which career path to walk down or what foods may be best for your body. Developing and trusting your intuition through tarot will help you to make the decisions that will lead to a happier, more joy-filled life, while also experiencing incredible levels of spiritual growth so you can help the world, and others around you. 



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