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7 Chakra Stones for Healing and Grounding

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7 Chakra Stones work on your behalf to heal and ground your subtle energy fields bringing more harmony and balance to your life. It not only helps you but when you carry these healing stones with you, you benefit others by bringing healing and grounding to them. 

With all 7 of your chakras harmonizing together your desires will manifest much quicker. 

The Crown Chakra represents universal consciousness and tapping into universal intelligence. Tap into source energy and be known as wise to those you come into contact with. 

Third Eye Chakra Represents intuition, psychic abilities seeing visions, and enhanced perception. Helps you to see when others are trying to deceive or manipulate you. Helps to receive guidance from spirits, ancestors, your higher self intelligence. 

Throat Chakra Represents communication, true expression, and being yourself around others. Can enhance your clarity when confused or making big decisions. Helps to uncover the truth and gives you a greater ability to speak the truth without fear. Helps you to discover a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment. 

Heart Chakra Represents love, compassion relationships. If you are feeling cold-hearted and closed off, these stones can help you to radiate love and begin the healing process. Once this starts to happen you'll begin to attract and manifest more genuine relationships into your life. 

Solar Plexus The solar plexus is directly correlated with the energy of the sun. Carrying these stones will help you to activate your internal sun. Naturally creating more earth and abundance in your life. The Solar Plexus also helps you to receive divine guidance from the spiritual world. When your Solar Plexus is active, any blockages preventing you from abundance will be burned away. 

Sacral Chakra Represents creativity, sexuality, pleasure, emotions. When you activate your Sacral chakra life becomes more enjoyable. You start to feel again and experience more positive emotions on a more regular basis.  Helps you to truly live and enjoy life. 

Root Chakra Security, Stability, foundation, and strength. This chakra is directly tied to Earth. If you want to feel more grounded, stable, strong, and ready to take on anything then you must activate your root chakra now. having an active and open root chakra make life on Earth a lot easier 



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